Orange Joined Forces with Unbabel to Localize its Industry-Leading Global Training Material

July 27, 2022

Orange, a renowned multinational telecommunications company with 260+ million customers worldwide, partnered with Unbabel to localize its training program material while staying true to its brand and tone of voice. 


  • Unbabel translated 3 million words in more than 30 different language combinations for Orange.

  • Unbabel localized Orange’s web content, newsletters, brochures, marketing materials, and business communications. 

  • On top of being fully integrated with Unbabel’s browser-based translation management system, Orange relied on Unbabel’s Professional Translation and On-Brand Translation services, along with Desktop Publishing.

About Orange

Founded in France in 1988, Orange is one of the largest telecom businesses in the world and one of the most well-known brands across Europe. 

It provides mobile, internet, landline, television, and banking services to 266 million customers and counts more than 140,000 employees globally. 

The Challenge

Orange needed a reliable language partner to tackle multiple challenging projects. The main priority, however, was the localization of the material coming from the Orange Campus in Paris, where the company ran its global training. 

Brand and customer experience are at the heart of everything Orange does, which meant that continuity across its global business and uniform training at the Orange Campus were non-negotiable. In fact, Orange could only ensure it continued to deliver outstanding service to its international customers by producing top-quality, industry-leading multilingual training material. 

This is why Orange’s pan-European success hinged on its choice of language partner.

The Solution

Unbabel immediately understood the pivotal role it would play as Orange’s language partner and rose to the challenge. Fully aware of the importance of accuracy and of hitting the right tone of voice, it started the process by creating a new French tonal guide for the brand. 

These guidelines were applied across the business. More importantly, they laid the foundations of the style the translation team would follow when creating multilingual versions of Orange’s training materials, internal and external communications.  

Unbabel then set up dedicated teams for each requirement, so it could offer Orange continuity and overall the best possible experience: An account team (which included its primary account’s management contact), a project management team, and a team of linguists to cover each required language pair.

The strict turnarounds and rigorous language requirements added to the challenge, but Unbabel embraced and overcame these obstacles by putting in place the best teams and processes to guarantee a successful outcome. 

The Outcome

  • By building a comprehensive translation memory that could store previously translated source content, Unbabel was able to offer Orange consistent translations and quick turnaround times. 

  • As Orange often worked with InDesign files, Unbabel ensured that the finished documents would be fully aligned to the design and format of the originals. 

  • Unbabel offered Orange a dedicated 24/7 project management team involving project managers from all Unbabel hubs to cover all time zones, as well as guarantee coverage during the weekend.

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