Our global team of language experts

Machine translation is fast and cost-effective, but it isn’t perfect. That’s why we’ve cultivated a diverse community of editors to lend us native language expertise from all corners of the globe. Ranging from professional translators to bilingual speakers, our editors review and refine augmented machine translations to ensure accuracy and authenticity in any language.  Our editors pick up on subtle context and nuance that can boost your translations.

The coverage you need

Unbabel provides the languages you need today, and the ones you might want tomorrow. We add new languages based on demand, and are constantly recruiting talented editors to join our community, so you’ll be able to communicate everywhere your business takes you.

Translations you can trust

Our translation process is focused on quality above all else. Our editors are tested in a simulated customer interaction to test their proficiency and ability to adapt to customer exchanges. We vet and evaluate them on a number of levels: 

  • Initial assessment
  • Trainee editor evaluation
  • Paid editor evaluation
  • Smart check
  • Quality estimation
  • Annotation and evaluation tool
  • Weekly checkpoint and quality audits

Security you can count on

We’re committed to keeping customer data protected every step of the way. We require our editors to sign NDAs, and our GDPR-compliant solution automatically identifies and redacts PII, which is stored in an encrypted vault while editors work on a job. All our editors see is a token displaying some basic customer context, so they can perform their job securely and effectively.

Editors at your fingertips

We maintain a consistent worldwide talent pool of editors, all connected via our mobile or web app, so customers are never left waiting. Our optimization algorithms prioritize time-sensitive content, and our operational teams monitor SLAs, keeping our turnaround times are razor sharp: real-time chat in seconds and average email responses of 30 minutes.

Want to become an editor?