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Unbabel Translators

Do more with your language skills

Earn money reviewing and improving translations on your own schedule. See if you qualify and join our translation community in just a few simple steps.


Work anywhere, anytime

Following your favorite band across Europe? Backpacking in Thailand? No problem. All you need to work for us is an internet connection and your phone or laptop. You’ll edit AI-generated translations so they’re accurate and native-sounding. Payments post to your Unbabel account as soon as you’re done translating.


Roll up your sleeves

We work with major global brands to translate large volumes of customer communications. There’s plenty of work to go around, and assignments across a variety of industries mean you can translate the content that interests you the most.

Professional development

Get tips from language experts

We periodically evaluate our translators’ work to keep quality high. We’ll share our feedback with you, along with detailed instructions and guidelines for every assignment. Sharpen your language skills and build up your credentials with Unbabel.

​​I work on Unbabel tasks every day now, it’s addictive. But in a good way!

Bin, Chinese Translator

​​I work for Unbabel because it’s easy and handy. But what I like the most is the team, they’re always eager to help you with any issues you may have.

Elena, Spanish Translator

With this amazing opportunity, I am able to use my linguistic skills and keep up with my practicing, while sharing my knowledge and helping the community improve.

Leonardo, Brazilian Portuguese translator

How it works

Check if your language is open and register

​​If you don’t see your language, it means we’re fully staffed in your language pair at the moment. We know this may come as a disappointment, but we’re committed to giving all our translators a fair share of work.

Take our language tests and get approved

Our linguists have developed a series of tests designed to evaluate your level in your native and foreign languages. Only candidates who score above a certain percentage are accepted, and the cut off is different for every language pair.

Start translating and get paid

Log on to our platform on the web or our mobile app and check for available tasks. Read the instructions and guidelines before you start editing the pre-translated text. When you’re done, just press submit, and your first payment will automatically post to your Unbabel account.

No such thing
as a bad question

How are payments made?

Payments post to your Unbabel account every time you complete a translation. You can request cash-outs at any time. Transfers to Paypal or Payoneer are completed once a week, for your convenience.

What kind of work will I do?

As a translator, you’ll work on a wide variety of content. Most of it will be user-generated content such as emails, customer support messages, blog posts, comments, reviews, subtitles, product descriptions, FAQ articles, chat, etc. All this content goes through our machine translation engine. Your job is to edit the pre-translated text and make it perfect!

Do I need to be a professional translator?

You don’t need to be a professional translator to work for us. All you need is a great command of your native and foreign languages — as well as to pass all our tests.

Can I work on my phone or tablet?

Yes. Just download our app and translate on the go.

How do you monitor quality?

We have a world-class team of linguists that run periodical evaluations of the content we deliver to our customers, identifying possible issues and improvement opportunities. They also give feedback to our translators, which makes Unbabel a great tool for improving your language skills.

How do I know when there’s work for me?

If you’re using Unbabel’s app for iOS or Android, you’ll receive notifications as soon as there’s work for you on the platform. If you’re working on your notebook or desktop, you’ll still receive notifications. Don’t worry: there’s plenty of work to go around.

How much will I earn?

Your earnings will depend on how many hours per day you work on our platform. Depending on what languages you register for, you may have more or less work on the platform.

Ready to get started?

Become part of our bilingual community and earn money with your language skills.