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The language barrier won’t solve itself. Join Community Pro as an evaluator, terminologist, or annotator — whatever speaks to you most.

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As an evaluator, you will assess the work of our Community of editors, and ensure translation quality.


Machines can learn — but they need a good teacher. We need professional linguists like you to identify and flag our translation errors to help improve our products.


As a terminologist you will create, curate and translate Unbabel's linguistic resources to help boost our machine translation engines.

Why work as a language specialist for Unbabel?

  • Build universal understanding

    Work at the vanguard of translation technology and help us ensure our customers receive high quality translations.

  • The go-to platform for diverse translation work

    Focus on what only you can do, whether that’s performing rigorous analysis of MT outputs, collecting interesting terminology, or helping us improve our products.

  • A better way to work

    Unbabel removes friction from the payment process, with an intuitive dashboard and convenient cash out through PayPal, or Payoneer if PayPal is not available in your country. No more long waits to be compensated for your work.

Sounds good?

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The language barrier won’t solve itself. Join us as we change the way the world translates by applying for one of our open freelance language specialist positions today.

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