Unbabel partners with Ada to provide real-time multilingual support for live customer service agents

November 17, 2022

Unbabel’s latest partnership with Ada, the conversational AI platform provider, enables live agents to utilize Unbabel’s language technology to provide customer service in several languages 

SAN FRANCISCO. November 16, 2022 – Unbabel, the AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps businesses deliver a multilingual customer experience (CX) at scale, is announcing a new partnership with Ada. Ada empowers brands to provide hyper-personalized and automated customer support through its powerfully simple conversational AI platform. This new partnership expands Ada’s offering, providing multilingual assistance to live agents and even more language capabilities to Ada-powered chatbots. 

With Unbabel’s support, Ada’s platform now has the ability to continue a customer service conversation in the customer’s language when an inquiry is escalated to a live agent. Through this new partnership, global brands can have seamless customer service in multiple languages across all stages of the customer support experience. All customer interactions, whether handled by chatbots or live agents, take place in the same chat window without the customer having to navigate to a different website or social channel. 

This partnership allows businesses to bring down customer service costs and improve operational flexibility. Now brands can rely on Unbabel’s translation technology and Ada’s conversational AI platform to provide seamless support, whether they’re interacting with a chatbot or a live agent. . 

“We’re always looking for opportunities to expand our services with those who align with our shared vision, and Ada was a perfect fit,” said Vasco Pedro, Unbabel’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Together, we will help enterprises lower their costs and increase flexibility at an economic time when it matters most.” 

“Together with Unbabel, we are empowering customer experience leaders to provide a seamless, multilingual support experience,” said Ada’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Murchison. “This helps ensure brands have what they need to understand their customers and resolve their issues faster — no matter who they are, what channel they prefer, or what language they speak.” 

About Unbabel
Unbabel eliminates language barriers so that businesses can thrive across cultures and geographies. The company’s Language Operations platform blends advanced artificial intelligence with humans in the loop, for fast, efficient, high-quality translations that get smarter over time. Unbabel helps enterprises grow into new global markets and builds customer trust by creating more consistent, high-quality multilingual customer experiences across marketing and customer service. Based in San Francisco, Calif., Unbabel works with leading brands such as Booking.com, Nestle, Panasonic, Patagonia, and UPS, to communicate effortlessly with customers around the world, no matter what language they speak.

About Ada
Ada empowers brands to treat every customer like a VIP. Purpose-built for customer support leaders, Ada’s powerfully simple conversational AI platform helps the world’s fastest-growing enterprises scale and transform their customer experiences through automation. Since 2016, Ada has powered more than 4 billion automated interactions for brands like Zoom, Meta, Verizon, AirAsia, and Square. Born in Toronto, Ada serves companies and their customers worldwide. For more information, visit www.ada.cx.

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