A New Era in Quality Reporting is Here

May 30, 2023

Optimize your localization strategy with maximum access to quality transparency insights

At Unbabel, we’ve always been dedicated to providing leading, worldwide brands with complete visibility when it comes to the quality of their translations. However, we’ve recognized that the limitations of traditional quality reporting methods are heavily reliant on human evaluations –approaches that are time-consuming, expensive, and only offer a glimpse into translation performance based on a very limited data set. 

Until now, Quality reporting within the Unbabel Portal relied exclusively on annotations from our Community members, which supported only a fraction of translations. This approach resulted in limited quality insights, longer turnaround times, and a lack of comprehensive oversight for our customers. 

We listened and acted on a better, more efficient solution to address global marketplace concerns.

With that, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking advancement in the translation industry: the introduction of real-time, AI-powered Quality Reports to our Unbabel Portal, available for all Unbabel customers. 

We understood your need for more in-depth transparency, plus fast and easy access to quality information.

Unbabel has harnessed the power of AI to develop the most advanced Quality Estimation technology that actually predicts linguistic quality, unlike proxies like edit distance. Our AI models, which are trained on millions of lines of data from diverse domains and languages, provide the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation of translation quality in the industry. With our latest feature rollout, customers using the Unbabel Portal will now have real-time access to fully AI-generated reports, giving them complete visibility into the quality of every translation. 

Our cutting-edge, real-time AI-powered Quality Reports unlock numerous benefits for businesses, including:

  • Enhanced Visibility and Accuracy: Customers now have a complete view of their translation quality, which eliminates blind spots providing in-depth insights into performance. Every translation is automatically scored, offering comprehensive tracking of quality metrics.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By automating the quality evaluation process, Unbabel eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive manual reviews. Real-time access to quality reports allows businesses to make prompt, data-driven decisions without delays, including in all Unbabel subscriptions.

  • Proactive Quality Control: With the ability to effortlessly pinpoint recurring issues, businesses can proactively address potential quality challenges before they impact customer experiences. This enables precise improvements and ensures the delivery of exceptional translations.

The introduction of real-time AI-powered Quality Reports to the Unbabel Portal marks a pivotal moment in the translation industry, as businesses can now determine when to elevate their translation quality, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately achieve their global objectives– step into a transformative new era of quality understanding, and leave the limitations of human-dependent reporting behind with the power of transparency, accuracy, and efficiency. 

Ready for a new era?

Navigate to ‘Quality’ in the ‘Reports’ section of the Portal to unlock your enhanced Quality Reports!

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Maximilian Kohl

Maximilian Kohl is a Senior Product Manager AI at Unbabel. In his role as AI and database expert, he builds applications that improve the experience of enterprise workflows. His focus is on identifying where latest technology advances can significantly change day-to-day customer experiences.