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Unlock the New Era of Machine Translation with Unbabel’s New eBook

5. Oktober 2023y

While the rise of AI has enabled marketers to create content at an unprecedented pace, it has also presented many challenges, as businesses seek to employ AI on Machine Translation (MT) and Large Language Models (LLM) to conquer global audiences. 

AI in the translation industry can enable users to almost instantly determine translation quality while providing data to efficiently cut costs and make strategic decisions for a global audience. But for executives to get the most out of MT, they need to secure the right platforms, partners, and direction.

Step into the new era of MT and LLMs with our newest eBook that dives into success tactics on how to harness the power of AI for quality, cost-effective translation at scale.

Finding a Platform that Prioritizes your Business Challenges

Without the right platform, translations can cost more time and money than a business would get in return. This is where MT and LLMs come into play. One of the most critical parts of using MT and LLMs with confidence is finding a reliable partner that understands and aligns with your translation goals. 

Your business will have unique needs for speed, quality, and cost for each type of content, communication type, audience, market and so on – therefore, a partner that can deliver to those parameters is critical. Coupled with detailed insights and reporting, the right translation provider can enable businesses to utilize their time, effort, and resources in the right place.

Making Quality Tangible Through Transparency in Data & Reporting

When it comes to translation, there are an array of factors to consider when thinking about quality. Companies need to consider the tone, the context or local culture, where the content is being used and more. Luckily, data and reporting can help to simplify this process and prevent possible translation errors. With proper, comprehensive reporting and data, businesses can calibrate translation and localization approaches over time and more easily adapt to changing markets, audiences, budgets and more.

Unbabel’s customer Ooni, for example, achieved upwards of 88% revenue growth in a new core market by taking advantage of data-driven, actionable insights — like monitoring engagements to know when and how to strategically enter a new market. By leveraging Unbabel’s data and insights, Ooni was able to strategically expand to global audiences while maintaining brand voice and adapting its language to resonate with new markets.

Interested in seeing what other tips we shared to take advantage of machine translation? Download our eBook: Unlocking the New Era of Machine Translation.

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