Physioswiss Swiftly Delivers Its Brand Across Multiple Language Variants With Unbabel

July 19, 2022

Partnered with Unbabel, Physioswiss was able to successfully translate its marketing content and press releases in the correct language variants, clearly and accurately, while meeting strict deadlines.


  • Physioswiss required translations into French, German, and Italian variants for local markets. 

  • Unbabel helped Physioswiss translate its specialized content and brand style by developing glossaries. 

  • Physioswiss operated on tight deadlines and expected its language partner to deliver quantity and quality at speed.

About Physioswiss

Founded in Switzerland in 1919, Physioswiss is a physiotherapy association that represents more than 9300 physiotherapists, both salaried and self-employed. 

The company offers its members full access to a variety of services and publications, including information on professional development and education. It also allows patients to search for a qualified practitioner or simply learn more about physiotherapy. 

The Challenge

Physioswiss’ marketing materials and press releases needed to be translated clearly and accurately to French, German, and Italian variants for local markets. Physioswiss often required large volumes of text to be translated within exacting deadlines — sometimes with rush translations of 5,000 to 20,000 words requested over the weekend within a 24-hour window.

On top of demanding accuracy, clarity, and speed, the translations had to adhere to Physioswiss’ style and use the correct pharmaceutical terminology. 

Finally, the language variant used in each translation had to be localized for each target market, as the German, Italian, and French spoken in Switzerland are significantly different from those spoken in Germany, Italy, and France. 

The Solution

Unbabel’s native-speaking translators as an extended partner

To meet Physioswiss’ specific linguistic needs, Unbabel established a team of native-speaking Swiss translators that had specialist knowledge in health and wellbeing.

Physioswiss sent between two to five requests daily, and Unbabel made sure that its project managers and linguists would be on standby to respond to each promptly. It also ensured that its dedicated proofreaders and editors would work with Physioswiss almost daily, maintaining consistency across projects. 

Glossary and translation memory development

Unbabel helped Physioswiss create glossaries for its specific terminology in each language variant. This way, Unbabel could guarantee that Physioswiss’ preferred terms would always be used. 

As they worked within Unbabel’s translation platform, the linguists had easy access to these glossaries and could also leverage the benefits of translation memory, which stored all previous Physioswiss translations and allowed for faster, more consistent results.

The Outcome

  • Unbabel’s technology and language assets enabled multiple translators to work on each Physioswiss project, improving turnaround time for large quantities of work, with a single proofreader to ensure consistency.

  • Thanks to its dedicated teams, Unbabel was able to exceed Physioswiss’ expectations: It responded to its translation requests promptly and met all deadlines, including 24-hour turnarounds for up to 20,000 words.

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