Unbabel’s New Zendesk Agent Workspace Integration Empowers Agents to Instantly Become Multilingual

June 28, 2021

  • Unbabel is the first translation partner for Zendesk Agent Workspace; improves the overall agent experience and performance with the new plug-and-play Unbabel Agent Workspace Integration.
  • Integration enables customer support agents to instantly communicate across channels, supporting ~95 language pairs.
  • SAN FRANCISCO—June 29, 2021—Unbabel, an AI-powered Language Operations platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual support at scale, has announced it is the first translation partner to integrate into the Zendesk Agent Workspace. The new Unbabel Agent Workspace integration enables agents to communicate with customers in multiple languages instantly and seamlessly across Zendesk channels – all within a single interface. 

    The Zendesk Agent Workspace enables agents to deliver seamless support without switching between dashboards or having customers repeat information. The new Unbabel native integration for the Zendesk Agent Workspace enables frictionless real-time translation. Unbabel already offers three integrations for Zendesk: Chat, Support, and Guide. Chat and Support integrations for the Zendesk Agent Workspace enable agents to translate any conversation without being restricted to the channel in which the customer initially made contact. 

    “This latest integration supports Unbabel’s mission of continuously optimizing agent performance and reliability, enabling a more omnichannel experience to help agents consolidate all the conversations with customers in a single place,” explains Edmund Ovington, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Unbabel. “We are streamlining steps for facilitating the agent’s work while also empowering them to provide a superior and more personal customer support experience.”

    “Global enterprise organizations that do business around the world and have multilingual customers need an easy way to understand and communicate,” said Michelle Torres, Director, Technology Alliances at Zendesk. “Compatible with any digital support channel, we’re combining our conversation-focused agent workspace with Unbabel’s advanced augmented machine translation. Together, it allows agents to instantly service customers globally in their native language right within the agent’s existing toolset.”

    Unbabel continues to prioritize the customer experience by also providing a UI performance enhancement to the Zendesk Support integration, making it even easier for customer support agents to efficiently resolve customer issues. For more information on the new Unbabel Agent Workspace integration, please visit https://unbabel.com/integration/zendesk/.

    About Unbabel
    Unbabel eliminates language barriers so that businesses can thrive across cultures and geographies. The company’s Language Operations solution blends advanced artificial intelligence with human editors, for fast, efficient, high-quality translations that get smarter over time. Unbabel integrates seamlessly in any channel, so agents can deliver consistent multilingual support from within their existing workflows. This makes it easy for enterprises to grow into new markets and build customer trust in every corner of the world. Based in San Francisco, Calif., Unbabel works with leading customer support teams at brands such as Microsoft, Booking.com, Udemy, and Panasonic, to communicate effortlessly with customers around the world, no matter what language they speak. For more information, visit www.unbabel.com.

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