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Unbabel Video

Lights, camera, captions

Reach your widest audience with fully synched captions and native-quality subtitles. Unbabel puts all your localization in one place — so you can deliver your best videos in a fraction of the production time.

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Visibility with agility

Unbabel Video makes your content more accessible and your workflow more manageable.

Strategic distribution

A global reach in just a few clicks

Great content shouldn’t stay local — it just has to be localized. Unbabel helps your content go where it simply couldn’t go before, with a streamlined process for transcribing and translating videos at native quality. Same-source transcription helps you reach viewers who prefer on-screen text to audio and rack up engagement.

Operational efficiency

All your localization in one location

Unbabel Video consolidates your video transcription, translation, and captioning in one place. Our simple upload and delivery process means your team can localize more content, more quickly. Unbabel’s community of captioners and translators ensure high quality across languages, improving your viewers’ experience.

Easy upload and download

Just upload your video’s URL, and we’ll notify you when your captions and subtitles are ready to download as SRT files. It’s as simple as that.

Simplified project management

Search, download, and archive all your files — and keep your workflow running smoothly.

On-screen text support

Update legacy video content with optional transcription and translation of burned-in and on-screen text.

Just go with your workflow

There’s never been a simpler, more reliable way to transcribe and translate your video content.

Built for your best work

Whether you’re already localizing video content or just starting, we’ve got you covered.

Video production

Make great content and take it worldwide with quick, accurate transcription and translation.


We deliver native-quality captions and subtitles at scale, in one location. Great workdays are ahead of you.

Market intelligence

Accurate transcription of video testimonial makes for more trustworthy analysis. With native-quality subtitles, you can gather diverse perspectives and draw actionable insights.

Unbabel is the foundation for all the insights we draw from our video market research responses. With the high-quality video transcription and translation that Unbabel delivers, our analysis is on firmer ground, and we’re able to reach global audiences and gather diverse perspectives.

Daavid Kahn, CEO

No such thing
as a bad question

How does Unbabel Video work?

Unbabel Video combines the power of Automated Speech Recognition, Neural Machine Translation and a global network of bilingual speakers. Native speakers post-edit, segment and align the output of Automated Speech Recognition, and then we repeat the same process with the output of Machine Translation to deliver high-quality subtitles in a number of languages, fast. We have custom-built and constantly improve our system architecture, incorporating state-of-the-art machine learning, proprietary data, and self-learning mechanisms that ensure increases in speed and quality over time.

What video file formats do you support?

Unbabel Video currently support all major web-based format files, including .mp4 and .ogg. We can also import directly from YouTube. All you need to do is post a link to the video, either from YouTube or from your own hosting site, and we’ll take it from there. If you work with different formats, we’re happy to discuss adapting our platform to your needs.

How do you deliver the subtitles you produce?

We currently deliver subtitles as SRT files, though we’re happy to discuss accommodating alternative formats. You can either download your subtitles from the Unbabel Video Dashboard or have them delivered directly to your system, using Webhooks via Unbabel Video API.

How do you ensure the quality of subtitles?

Unbabel ensures consistent translation quality through two key checkpoints — quality assessment of translations delivered to our customers, and regular evaluations of our translators. We conduct weekly quality audits on completed translations, which take into account accuracy, fluency, and compliance with customer instructions and glossaries).

How do you charge for subtitles?

Unbabel Video charges per minute, per language. The price per minute depends on volumes, content types, and video duration. For more information, please get in touch with our sales team.

Do you have an API?

Unbabel Video offers a secure RESTful HTTP API to fully integrate same-source captions and multilingual subtitles into your workflow. We’re available to guide your development team throughout the process and provide detailed documentation and examples on how to use the Unbabel Video API. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Unbabel Video

Localize video like never before

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