Multichannel, multilingual support

Unbabel helps you deliver a consistent customer experience across the globe, while maintaining the workflows your agents are used to. We integrate seamlessly in chat, email or FAQs so your agents can offer consistent multilingual support across every channel.

Chat instantly

We translate both inbound and outbound chat conversations in near real-time from your customer’s language to your support agent’s language, within familiar chat platforms like Zendesk and Intercom. And, with agents able to chat in any language, you can easily handle peak volume times.

Versenden Sie mühelos E-Mails

Deliver quality email support in a matter of minutes with our hybrid approach. We use a combination of augmented machine translation and locally fluent editors to ensure speed and accuracy, and custom glossaries keep each response consistent in your brand voice.

‘FAQ’ seamlessly

Unbabel helps you publish help center content in a range of languages. Your FAQs are first machine translated, then refined by human editors, so you can maintain the highest customer service standards for a global audience.

Our integrations allow you to…

  • Offer consistent support globally, across all channels
  • Provide quality translations that fit your brand voice
  • Respond in near real-time to your customers
  • Handle peak times with ease
  • Scale easily across the globe
Hintergrund blockieren

A spike in demand, until recently, would have meant trying to recruit and train in a native language. With Unbabel, we’re able to use resources from the spare capacity in the English queue, which means we can mobilize in hours, rather than weeks or months, to meet the demand.

James Cross,

Digital and Service Senior Strategy Lead

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