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Kustomer, translated

Easily connect Unbabel to your existing Kustomer workflow. Our plug-and-play integration enables your agents to instantly communicate with customers around the globe and quickly resolve support tickets and chat in any language.



How it works

With Unbabel for Kustomer, your agents can deliver consistent customer experiences, worldwide. Unbabel allows your agents to respond seamlessly to international customers in their native language, enhancing their brand experience while boosting your NPS, CSAT, and CES scores.

Global denken, lokal sprechen

Kundenorientierte Unternehmen möchten, dass ihre Kunden in Deutschland den gleichen hervorragenden Support erhalten wie ihre Kunden in Japan, ohne dass sie für jede Sprache teure Muttersprachler einstellen müssen.

Unbabel enables all customer support agents to instantly become multilingual.

With the efficiency of augmented machine translation and the local nuance of our post-editors, Unbabel empowers all customer support agents to communicate with customers in any language, giving organizations increased flexibility, productivity, and lower operating costs.

Wir arbeiten dort, wo Sie arbeiten

Agents can continue to work on the channels where they already spend most of their time. Unbabel acts like an invisible layer between Kustomer and your customers and automatically provides translations within your existing workflows.

Secure and Compliant

Bei der Entwicklung unserer Plattform stand der Datenschutz im Vordergrund. Sie ist vollständig DSGVO- und CCPA-konform, mit robuster Datenverschlüsselung und Anonymisierung, um den größtmöglichen Datenschutz für unsere Kunden und deren Kunden zu gewährleisten.

One Portal for all your LangOps

The Unbabel Portal provides more transparency and control over your multilingual support. It’s a self-service LangOps hub where you can manage day-to-day tasks, like translation volume and billing, while also gaining high-level insights that could impact operations.

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