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Oracle, Translated

Unbabel embeds translations directly into your existing Oracle B2C Service workflows. Our integration easily plugs into Oracle Incident and Chat, so your agents can provide seamless support in multiple languages, without missing a beat.

How it works

Organizations can use Unbabel directly from the Oracle’s Browser User Interface (BUI) by requesting the integration in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. From there, Unbabel acts as an invisible layer between agents and customers, automatically providing translations within the existing workflows.

Think globally, speak locally

Customer-centric organizations want their customers in Germany to have the same great support experience as their customers in Japan, without having to hire expensive native speakers for every language.

Unbabel enables all customer support agents to instantly become multilingual.

With the efficiency of augmented machine translation and the local nuance of our post-editors, Unbabel empowers all customer support agents to communicate with customers in any language, giving organizations increased flexibility, productivity, and lower operating costs.

Built for Enterprise

We focus on enterprise-grade security, personalization, and scalability, with dedicated CSM teams to help support our customers through their journey.

Secure and Compliant

Our platform was built with data protection in mind. Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, with robust data encryption and anonymization to ensure the utmost privacy for our customers and their customers.

One Portal for all your LangOps

The Unbabel Portal provides more transparency and control over your multilingual support. It’s a self-service LangOps hub where you can manage day-to-day tasks, like translation volume and billing, while also gaining high-level insights that could impact operations.

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