Elevating Web Localization and Translation Capabilities with Bablic

May 19, 2023

This year Unbabel is doubling down on our mission to build the world’s translation layer. As companies become increasingly global, our priority is to deliver a platform that breaks down language barriers, centralizes multilingual translations to save time and money, and helps companies reach their customers across the globe at every stage of their life cycle.

We kicked off the year with the acquisition of EVS Translations, which provides customers with more workflows tailored to individual company requirements. This was quickly followed by the launch of our Self-Service and Quality Intelligence options, which makes our solutions more accessible to everyone. As we continue working to truly transform translation into a high-value enabler for businesses, I am excited to share that Unbabel has acquired Bablic, a website localization and translation management solution for all language requirements.

With this acquisition, we are primed to enhance translation capabilities to help our customers better reach a global audience. In addition, we empower them to achieve their business goals through website localization that better supports multilingual SEO and customer acquisition.

Revolutionizing our marketing and web translation capabilities with Quality Estimation

Founded in an effort to provide a cost-effective translation tool, Israel-based Bablic is a simple no-code, translation management tool that helps customers maximize multilingual SEO while controlling all localized content. In addition to website and web-app localization capabilities, Bablic’s solutions allow customers to organically grow international traffic and make seamless web updates in real-time with the ability to customize translation preferences.

At Unbabel, we are focused on delivering the highest quality translation services while reducing costs, labor, and time to translate. Bablic’s ability to adapt websites to different audiences will enhance Unbabel’s marketing solutions, so our customers can have a true impact on the buyer journey from awareness to acquisition to loyalty. In turn, Unbabel’s unmatched Quality Estimation framework will empower Bablic users to spot and address errors in website translation for a flawless finish — offering unmatched website translation reliability. We’ll also be able to better support scalable translation solutions to ensure our customers’ global marketing resonates across all local audiences.

How this acquisition will transform translation for Unbabel and Bablic customers

Proper website localization is key to engaging with a business’ audience. 76% of companies that sell globally expect their international sales to grow in the next five years so globalization is on the rise. Furthermore, recent research has shown that localization can increase search traffic by 47%, boost website visits by 70%, and increase conversion rates by 20% — all contributing directly to a company’s sales and customer retention.

While translation is key to a company’s marketing strategy and business goals, automated translation is not a catch-all and often times a human touch is needed to understand the nuance of language. Our solutions create the perfect marriage between automated and human-supported translations with a dedicated team of native-speaking translators who leverage augmented machine translation to perform quality checks and deliver on-brand, localized experiences.

Unbabel and Bablic share the same goal to transform the translation industry and make the digital world accessible to everyone. As our teams combine forces, customers can now access website localization capabilities — contributing to time and cost saved, improved sales, and at the end of the day, an improved bottom line.

If interested in trying out these new capabilities on your website content, visit https://www.bablic.com.  

For more information or any questions you might have, check out our press release.

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Vasco Pedro is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unbabel. He founded Unbabel and its new category creation, LangOps, in 2013, alongside João Graça, Sofia Pessanha, Bruno Silva, Hugo Silva during a surfing trip in Arrifana, Portugal. Under this leadership, Unbabel has since expanded globally with offices in San Francisco, California, and additional US hubs in New York and Pittsburgh, and a subsidiary office in Portugal. Leading brands like Pinterest, Skyscanner, Under Armour, Trello, and Oculus use Unbabel to make their customers happier and their support operations vastly more efficient. Vasco developed his love of both languages and technology during his time at Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned both his Master’s and doctorate in Language Technologies. Vasco then worked at both Siemens and Google, where he helped develop technologies to further understand data computation and language.