Eventbrite Delivers Continuous Software Localization for its Target Markets with Unbabel

June 13, 2022

Eventbrite partnered with Unbabel to ensure that all multilingual versions of its content met the established release schedule through a consistent, dynamic translation process.


If you’ve purchased tickets online, there’s a high chance you have done so through Eventbrite — the fast-growing tech company that is reshaping the event industry.

Eventbrite strives to remain one step ahead of the game: Rather than taking a passive approach to monitoring and social listening to guide its product innovation, it predicts and implements changes to support its customer’s anticipated needs beforehand. This means designing new offers and developing new features quickly and regularly, with the goal of continuously improving user experience and reach. 

With the support of a dependable translation and localization partner, maintaining this level of dynamicity while expanding into new markets was smooth sailing.

About Eventbrite

Founded in 2006, Eventbrite is a global event management and ticketing platform that supports two million+ events each year, including conferences, fundraisers, festivals, and much more. It operates in more than 180 countries.

The challenge

To successfully expand into new markets, Eventbrite needed to design multilingual versions of its website and user interface and adapt its smartphone apps. Plus, customer support resources to facilitate the customer journey, including the customer communications linked to booking confirmations and help center articles.

The continuous cycle of development of Eventbrite’s app, as well as the related launches of new user information, meant that localization could only be achieved through a systematic approach.

The process had to be frictionless from start to finish, ensuring the continuity and dynamic response that would allow all multilingual versions of the content to adhere to their release schedule.

The solution

Unbabel and Eventbrite held a preliminary meeting at the ticketing company’s London office to discuss the process and timeline of updates, and ensure stakeholder alignment from the Head of Localization (USA), translation team, project team, and account managers. The session afforded Unbabel invaluable insight into Eventbrite’s culture, process, and expectations, and laid the groundwork for a great partnership.

Eventbrite communicated expectations of all international versions of its website to meet high-quality standards and wanted to guarantee its users the best possible experience, in their own native language. 

To meet the challenge of integrating with Eventbrite’s workflows, Unbabel formed a dedicated translation task force that would work on implementing weekly string updates within Eventbrite’s development and content management systems.

With Eventbrite’s systems wholly integrated into Unbabel’s, Unbabel could embrace the ticketing company’s operating process to the fullest.

Unbabel’s impact

Since the start of their collaboration in May 2014, Eventbrite has relied on Unbabel to successfully fulfill all of its translation and localization requirements.

Unbabel’s impact to date:

  • Unbabel has translated more than one million words for Eventbrite. 
  • Eventbrite currently uses Unbabel’s Professional Translation, Checking and Editing, and Localization services. It has also used On-Brand Translation service for specific projects.
  • Unbabel is responsible for Eventbrite’s translations from English into European French, Canadian French, and Italian. Unbabel also regularly supports Eventbrite with Brazilian Portuguese (one of Eventbrite’s core languages), European Portuguese content, and German, Dutch, Argentinian Spanish, and Mexican Spanish as needed. 
  • In addition to supporting the translations for its website, user interface, and apps, Unbabel translates Eventbrite’s help center articles, guides for potential buyers on how to use the platform.
  • With Unbabel’s system integrations, files no longer need to be exported for translation.

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