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Transcription and Translation as a Service

Accurate and automated, your audio and video content just got multilingual

One-stop transcription and translation

Audio and video go multilingual with Unbabel’s fully-integrated transcription and translation pipeline.

Unbabel offers a fully managed service that combines machines with human effort to transcribe and translate your video and audio content, returning searchable, time-stamped text in dozens of language pairs.

See it in action

Turn on the subtitles and choose a language

AI + Human Translation API

Continuous translation

Unbabel can translate all your content seamlessly

50,000+ editor community

AI assisted Human Translators 
around the globe translate your content

Final human touch

Human quality is enforced by skilled professionals before delivery

Our fully-integrated pipeline combines state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with the parallelised efforts of a 50,000+ strong community of bilingual editors to deliver mutual understanding at scale.

At a deeper level, we incorporate customer-specific training data, machine translation (MT) engines adapted by content type, and a host of machine learning algorithms to beat out-of-the-box MT solutions from some of the biggest names in tech.

These outputs are then intelligently distributed to our community, who have bespoke tools and underlying self-learning systems that allow each of them to review and edit many thousands of words per day.

Here’s how it can help you

Accurate human-quality transcriptions

Typos, poor transcriptions and bad syncing are the hallmark of even the most advanced voice recognition technologies. They also garble any subsequent translation. With a machine+human approach, accuracy is much higher, resulting in an improved customer experience and SEO rankings.

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Time-stamped, searchable text

Transform your audio and video content into text and you’ve opened it up to be exponentially more findable and searchable.

Multilingual subtitles at scale

Export, send, wait, receive it back, revise, send someplace else, wait, receive back, import again. Sound familiar? Transcription, translation and subtitling have all traditionally felt like getting buckets of water from the well, when you should just be able to open the taps.

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