How to Effectively Tackle Surges in Demand in Customer Service

November 2, 2021

Unexpected or right on cue, customer support spikes are inevitable for any expanding business. Whether these times are a result of technical faults, viral campaigns, seasonal upticks, or more, having a plan to navigate is crucial. Doug Kramon (ESPN), Whitnee Hawthorne (JetBlue), Kira Gorbunova (Wargaming) and Eamonn O’brien (Nike) sit down with Jason Richardson (Unbabel) to discuss the best tactics for how to communicate with customers during spike times and what adequate preparation looks like. In this session you’ll learn: What steps can be taken to ensure your support agents are prepared for a spike in requests | How to create a game plan of tactics that minimize disruption and assure customers | Ways to track performance during spikes and how to use this information to prepare for future scenarios.

Kira Gorbunova – Head of Technology and Innovation department in Global Player Support
Eamonn O’brien – EMEA Vendor Operations Manager
Whitnee Hawthorne – VP, Customer Support
Jason Richardson – VP, Customer Operations
Douglas Kramon – Head of Fan Support/CS, ESPN and ESPN+

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