Scaling Smart: How to Find The Right BPO Partners When You Expand Your Customer Operations

November 2, 2021

Like most business leaders, you probably want to take your company global, penetrate new markets, and reach new customers. But you don’t have to do this alone; finding the right BPO partner is a great way to deliver excellent, always-on support to your customers worldwide. In this session with Giuseppe and Alvaro from Majorel, you’ll learn some proven methods to build out a robust customer support system and find economies of scale to lower costs and maximize ROI. In this session you’ll learn: What types of technology can assist your customer support team | How BPOs can help reduce the heavy lifting when transitioning to a global business | The tactics to put in place to ensure you’re delivering the best customer experience at all times.

Alvaro Buesa
SVP Global Sales

Giuseppe Ficarra
VP, Global Sales

Violeta Swart
Senior Partnerships Manager

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