New Unbabel Integration: Zendesk Agent Workspace

June 28, 2021

The latest addition to our ever-growing integration list: Unbabel is now fully embedded with the Zendesk Agent Workspace, bringing near real-time translation to your fingertips!

Unbabel works best where you work. That’s why we keep expanding our list of integrations, so agents are empowered to translate right where they communicate with their customers, no matter what tools or languages they use. 

Unbabel customers who use Zendesk are already familiar with our three integrations: Chat, Support, and Guide. Now we’ve gone one step further: We’re the first translation partner for the Zendesk Agent Workspace platform, with our new native integration that enables frictionless near real-time translation.

Unbabel for Zendesk Agent Workspace

Zendesk Agent Workspace brings together all the channels you work on in a single ticket interface. This means agents can access, track, and deliver seamless support through WhatsApp messages, Twitter direct messages, email, and more, all in one place, without having to switch between dashboards or having customers repeat information.

With the new Unbabel integration, you now get the complete Zendesk omnichannel experience, all in a single dashboard, so you can deliver timely, multilingual support. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our latest addition and how it can help. 

The Unbabel integration: the easiest way to translate your messages

Fast, high-quality translations, just one click away. 

In the previous Unbabel integrations for Zendesk, agents had to use “#unbabel” on the editor interface to activate Unbabel translations.

But now, the embedded Unbabel button makes this much simpler: All you have to do to translate with Unbabel is click the Unbabel icon (button) in the Agent Workspace. There are no dropdowns or hashtags, which reduces the time to compose a message as well as the chances of typing errors.

To get started, enable Zendesk Agent Workspace from your Zendesk environment.

Revamped Unbabel applet for Zendesk Support

And we didn’t stop there. 

We’ve also redesigned the Unbabel for Zendesk Support integration to match the Unbabel brand.

The Unbabel widget in the Zendesk Support interface gives customer service agents real-time status updates on their translations, along with alerts, errors, and messages, so they can stay on top of developments and take action exactly when required.

What you can expect: 

  • Color-coded (red, yellow, green) messages on ticket status

  • Access to language settings

  • Direct link to self-service FAQ 

  • Increased privacy and security with “blacklist” tags to prevent data from being sent to Unbabel

How these updates help you

Our Zendesk Agent Workspace integration and the revamped widget for Zendesk Support both help agents with their multilingual chat, email, and knowledge base in a variety of ways. Here are some benefits:

  • Reduce customer support requests
  • Improve resolution times and average handle time (AHT)
  • Protect confidential information 
  • Reduce steps necessary to compose messages
  • Avoid typing errors

Our promise to our customers is to continuously optimize agent performance and reliability. Our new integration for the Zendesk Agent Workspace matches this vision: It allows agents to instantly offer customers the best support in multiple languages right where they work.   

For more information, contact your Unbabel Customer Success Manager.

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