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Translation API

The world’s only human-quality translation pipeline

Unbabel gives your business a better way to get native-quality translations delivered, fast.

AI + Human Translation API

Get human-quality translations of your content piped where you need it

Continuous translation

Unbabel can translate all your content seamlessly

Translator community

AI-assisted human translators around the globe review and improve machine translations

Final human touch

Human quality is enforced by skilled professionals before delivery

AI, glossaries and style guides

AI assisted guidance ensures translation quality and speed in every step

Other benefits

State-of-the-art translations

Unbabel employs custom Machine Translation engines using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) adapted to our customers’ domains.

Translator community

We work with a community of professional translators and native speakers. They’re on the move, around the globe, working on the Unbabel Platform on their computers and mobile phones.

Glossaries & style guides

Customer glossaries and style guides assure quality and consistency with your brand’s voice in every translation.

The world’s best quality estimation system

Unbabel has the world’s most state of the art quality estimation system, winning multiple shared tasks at the Workshop on Machine Translation by wide margins.

Better than out-of-the-box Google, Microsoft and Yandex

We incorporate customer-specific training data, machine translation engines adapted by content type, and a host of machine learning algorithms to beat out-of-the-box MT solutions from some of the biggest names in tech.

Developers are welcome

With a fully functional SDK for Python, and SDKs for Ruby and PHP in development, you can put Unbabel to work for you as quickly as possible.

Use cases

The Unbabel Translation API seamlessly integrates with your workflows, business processes, websites, apps, comms platforms and more.

Your platform, multilingual

Build multilingual platform integrations, like we’ve done for Salesforce, Zendesk and more.

CMS translation on the go

Translate within your CMS so you can easily publish new content in multiple languages.

Build and partner with Unbabel

Develop an Unbabel Integration with another platform and list it on our marketplace.

Unbabel API

Make your content globally accessible, get smarter operations, and localize your brand.