Unbabel and EVS: FAQs

January 17, 2023

Who has Unbabel acquired and what does the company do? 

Unbabel has acquired EVS Translations (EVS), a Germany-based single-source translation supplier focusing on translation and project management. EVS is an LSP founded in 1991 with a clear focus on translations in all areas of corporate communications, including finance and legal. EVS has 142 employees around the world (50% of these are in-house translators) with offices in Germany, England, Bulgaria, and the USA. The company currently serves German B2B enterprise customers from the financial industry and some automotive.

What unique solutions will EVS Translations provide customers with?

EVS provides document translation, legal translation services, terminology management, formatting, multimedia and video localization, international SEO and copywriting, machine translation and engine customization, as well as interpreting. Its expert project managers, in-house translators, proofreaders, and a translation technology team produce high-quality translations within workflows that are certified to ISO standards. Its workflows are tailored to individual client requirements and can be scaled to meet very high global demand for multinational corporations. In addition, EVS’ market-leading expertise in financial and legal translations will allow us to offer highly-specialized AI solutions to new industries and quality-driven enterprise clients such as global financial institutions and EMEA corporations with diverse translation requirements.

Why did Unbabel acquire EVS Translations? 

The acquisition of EVS will significantly expand Unbabel’s offerings at a time of high global demand for translation services by multinational corporations. The Germany-based company will provide strategic access to the German market as well as the broader European market which makes up 49% of the global translation industry.

Together, Unbabel and EVS will provide more data to train MT engines in new industry sectors and use cases including automotive, legal, and finance, and enable us to transition more workflows onto our platform, helping to reduce costs and time to translate for our customers.

Will there be any changes to the services customers currently receive?

There will be no changes to the services that customers currently receive. Our goal is to continue providing high-quality translation technology products and services to all customers. 

Will the current pricing change as a result of the acquisition?

Our immediate priority is to protect customer relationships with both Unbabel and EVS customers. We will communicate any changes to our pricing as we integrate the two companies.

What is the vision for the EVS Translations brand?

In the short term, little will change. The EVS team will continue to deliver their usual high standard of service, 20/5 and 24/7 for special projects. Over the weeks and months ahead, and as we combine the strengths of our two organizations, our aim is to deliver even more powerful multilingual content experiences.

When should I expect updates?

We are taking a phased approach to the integration to ensure our companies run as one product and one offering, and to protect our customers and employees from any business disruption. We will continue to provide updates as they are available. In the meantime, you can expect business as usual with additional services soon to come.

To learn more, check out our blog post from Unbabel’s Co-founder and CEO, Vasco Pedro:

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