Unbabel just raised $1.5M: What’s next?

July 18, 2014

On the path towards an internet free of language barriers we were always fortunate to have people that believed deeply in Unbabel and its mission. In the middle of this roller coaster ride, we had complete support from founders, family, friends, advisors and employees. But in order to grow we needed another type of supporter, the kind that invests money to see this idea grow.

Not only we had the incredible luck of finding strong advisors and initial investors in Alexandre Barbosa, from Faber Ventures and the team at Shilling Capital Partners, but Y-Combinator provided us the rocket fuel that is powering our escape velocity and access to an amazing network of investors and mentors.

Within the next few years, as we work tirelessly to achieve our vision of an inclusive internet and the end of language barriers, it will be crucial to have by our side a team of people that can help us through the good times and the bad. More than the money, we selected a diverse group of individuals that will be key determiners of Unbabel’s success. We have decided to make it official. There will be no big party, but we are really excited to bring you these news, just the same.

Unbabel has raised $1.5MM of seed capital from a mixture of venture capital firms and angels. We received support from Jared Fliesler of Matrix Partners, Kevin Rose of Google Ventures, Elad Gil, Raymond Tonsing of Caffeinated Capital, Roger Dickey, Young Guo of IDG Partners, zPark Ventures, Stephan Morais of Caixa Capital, Alexandre Barbosa of Faber Ventures, Shilling Capital Partners, Ryan and David Petersen, Jacob Soto, Digital Garage, The Funders Club, Klaus Von-Wittgenstein and WeFunder.

Our vision is create a world free of language barriers. This will bring people closer and power the growth of the global economy, making the world a better place. Our seed funding will enable us to expand our list of early customers, increase language support and stay focused on Unbabeling the world.

Checkout the TechCrunch article here.

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