Unbabel Launches New Integration with Oracle B2C Service to Automate Multilingual Translation

February 24, 2022

Today, Unbabel is launching a new integration with Oracle B2C Service, a set of unified customer service solutions that use AI and machine learning to improve the customer experience (CX) and customer service team efficiency. With Unbabel for Oracle B2C Service, any agent can instantly and seamlessly communicate with customers in multiple languages. 

Multilingual experiences make a major difference in the way customers perceive brands, and even impact the bottom line. According to the Global Multilingual CX Report, more than two-thirds (69%) of global consumers believe it’s extremely or very important that brands offer an end-to-end customer experience in their native language. In addition, 74% of global consumers say they would switch to a new brand that markets products or services in their native language.

This new Unbabel integration helps Oracle B2C Service users instantly improve the multilingual CX, without the need to hire native speakers.

How Unbabel Simplifies Email and Chat Translations 

Unbabel makes it easy for any customer service representative to quickly translate incidents (or email support tickets), as well as real-time chat conversations into a customer’s native language. By requesting the app in Oracle Cloud Marketplace, organizations can embed Unbabel directly in Oracle’s Browser User Interface (BUI).

From there, Unbabel acts as an invisible layer between the Oracle B2C Service and customers, automatically providing translations directly within agents’ existing workflows. For incident tickets, Unbabel augments machine translation with human editors, so agents can preserve the local nuances of multilingual conversations with customers. 

By removing some of the traditional barriers to translation, Unbabel helps organizations:

  • Increase team efficiency and productivity: Using the power of AI, agents gain the ability to instantly become multilingual. Real-time translation reduces first response times for international customers, and removes language as a barrier so the team has more bandwidth to focus on growth and expansion.

  • Reduce operational costs: Rather than hiring native-speaking agents or opening expensive locations to support specific languages, teams can focus on hiring the best talent. This approach reduces operational costs and allows organizations to intelligently allocate team resources where they are needed the most.

  • Deliver exceptional CX worldwide: With Unbabel, organizations can provide a consistent standard of support for all customers worldwide, regardless of the language they speak. By making it easier for customers to interact with brands, Unbabel builds trust and fosters deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers. Leading enterprise brands have improved key CX metrics such as global NPS, CSAT, and CES scores with Unbabel.

Learn more about Unbabel for Oracle B2C Service

Unbabel is available for Oracle B2C Service users via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. To learn more about the integration or speak to the Unbabel team, reach out to marketplace@stagingunbabel.wpengine.com

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