Unbabel Launches Support for the Translation of New File Types to Include Excel, Word, CSV Files, and More

March 10, 2023

We are happy to announce that Unbabel can now translate your content in the most widely used file formats. Unbabel translates the content in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, XML, XLS, and CSV files, plus many more formats into multiple languages using our high-quality translation flows, without disrupting the formatting, layout, or structure of your document.

Simply upload the document to Unbabel, submit it, and retrieve the translated file in your target language. It’s that simple.

Having the ability to seamlessly submit and retrieve content for translation is paramount for any business seeking to scale. Content is generated across multiple systems and, after translation, needs to be input back while maintaining context, format, and quality. So businesses need a solution that is flexible and tailored specifically to each of their needs.

That is why Unbabel’s translation service offers an API, as well as a number of native integrations including Zendesk, Salesforce, and more, and now direct support for more than 40 different file types. This removes the time-consuming process of having to convert documents into supported formats and makes it easier than ever to get high-quality translations for all your content.

What is the use case for my business?

Unbabel can be used to translate your businesses’ product listings and descriptions, ensuring the value of your offerings won’t get lost in translation. You can expand your brand by uploading your marketing content and social media posts, helping you connect with customers from all around the world.

Businesses can bridge the language barrier across stakeholders, by translating their financial and strategic reports and presentations, ensuring their employees across the globe have a clear understanding and access to the information they need through the translation of their training materials such as manuals and onboarding presentations.

Whether you are looking for a single translation solution to solve one of these challenges, or a platform that can help you manage all your language needs, our blend of human and machine translation will ensure a consistent, high-quality, and fast experience.

This feature is available for all current customers who are already using our On-demand app, but also in the free trial version of Unbabel.

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