Unbabel’s AI-Powered Language Operations Platform, Now on Dixa

September 21, 2021

You want your agents to have a great experience while they increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Great, we do too! So we’ve added one more to our growing list of flexible integrations: Dixa.

About Dixa

Dixa is a customer service platform that connects brands with customers through real-time communication. It unifies all the digital touchpoints in one interface so that your agents can have all the information they need on a customer from every communication channel before delivering accurate and timely assistance. Launched in 2018, this technically agile multiexperience platform recently announced a new investment of $105 million

Unbabel for Dixa — the logical next step

Brands using Dixa will be able to conversationally engage their customers and offer excellent multilingual support, right on the omnichannel customer service platform. Unbabel for Dixa acts as an invisible layer between agents and customers, enabling hassle-free near real-time communication in any language. Dixa users can continue to delight customers as they always have: Unbabel brings high-quality, AI-powered, human-refined translation to customer support without any disruption to existing workflows.

This partnership will make Dixa a more robust platform by allowing agents to skillfully support their customers in any language and in any channel, all in one platform. 

Unbabel breaks language barriers between customers and brands all over the world with Language Operations (LangOps); Dixa is a customer service platform that’s rapidly growing and breaking the mold with multiexperience, natively integrating emerging touchpoints as well as making it easy for agents to deliver a holistic experience across any and all modes of communication. This integration is a huge and strategic step toward our common goal of ensuring a consistently exceptional experience for both agents and customers.

About the Author

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Henrique Dutra is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Unbabel. He handles partnerships and integrations, and has a history of working successfully across different marketing areas, including product vision development and roadmap, management of cross-functional initiatives, and product teams.