UX Localization: Design Beyond (Language) Borders

September 23, 2022

Featuring Aditya Gujaran, Senior Product Designer at Unbabel

In the process of internationalizing the user experience, design shouldn’t be a barrier, but a stepping stone to supporting product appeal across vastly different audiences globally.

As a Senior Product Designer at Unbabel, with more than ten years of experience crafting human-centered UX solutions, Aditya Gujaran knows just how crucial it is to incorporate design into a company’s internationalization strategy, and attribute usability, UI, and accessibility to the wider business goals.

We called on his expertise to share insight into how to successfully fold UX design into the internationalization of a product, and understand how to address some of the issues that emerge when attempting to localize user interfaces — such as handling right-to-left content, text expansion, cultural differences in user preferences, and delivering intuitive functionality to multiple target audiences.

So, how does an app or a website’s layout adapt to multiple languages, cultural frameworks, devices, and user needs? Is responsive design the answer?

Here’s what we learned.


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