What to Expect from LangOps Universe 2021

September 27, 2021

We’re less than one month away from LangOps Universe 2021, a two-day virtual summit designed to help customer experience and language professionals boost their skills, understand consumer behavior, and gain more insight into today’s must-have language technologies. It’s not too late to reserve your seat and become a founding member of the Language Operations community! 

You may be wondering what this digital event will entail and whether or not it makes sense to invite connections outside your industry to tune in (spoiler: it does). Read on to learn more about this summit’s themes, speakers, and the newfound knowledge you can expect to walk away with after attending. 

Essential customer service and customer experience trends 

Successfully refining your organization’s global expansion strategy for 2022 requires you to have your finger on the pulse of the latest shifts and best practices related to customer service.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you won’t want to miss How to Effectively Tackle Surges in Demand in Customer Service. Featuring Whitnee Hawthorne (VP of Customer Support, JetBlue Airways), Douglas Kramon (Head of Customer Care & Fan Support, ESPN and ESPN+), Eamonn O’Brien (EMEA Vendor Operations Manager at Nike), and Kira Gorbunova (Head of Technology and Innovation, Global Player Support, at Wargaming), this session will shine a light on the vital steps that should be taken to make sure your agents are ready for a spike in request volume (plus tips for using analytics to make surges more manageable). 

Even if business is booming in your primary markets, you may find it challenging to inspire customer loyalty and trust when breaking into new regions. You’re not alone. To find out what consumers around the world want to see when communicating with your company, join Florian Faes (Managing Director, Slator) and Vasco Pedro (CEO & Co-Founder, Unbabel) for Global Consumers Have Spoken: Here’s What Your Brand Needs to Do Next. 

To keep customer satisfaction high when serving a diverse, multilingual global audience, you can’t afford to treat language translation as an afterthought. In No Customer Left Behind: How to Combine Technology and Strategy to Design Customer-Centered Experiences for All, Elizabeth Eames (Owner, Contemporary Communications Consulting) and Liliana Petrova (CEO, The Petrova Experience) will share their expert guidance on how to build a cohesive language strategy for your brand.  

A recent McKinsey study found that only 15% of U.S. CX leaders are satisfied with the way their organization measures CX, and just 6% are confident their measurement system enables both strategic and tactical decision making. In Leveraging Data & AI to Engage the Customer, Craig Stewart (AI Research Scientist, Unbabel) will deliver actionable advice for advancing your customer-centric analytics to uncover more than just surface-level insights. 

Cutting-edge language technologies to embrace in 2022 

How can today’s top language-related technologies help reduce the costs and time associated with growth in new markets? Start getting your language tech questions ready for The Great Unknown: The Role of Technology in Your Expansion Plan. In this fireside chat session, Henrique Dutra (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Unbabel) will discuss the critical tools your organization needs to hit the ground running when entering a new country. 

In our 2021 Unbabel LangOps Survey, more than 90% of decision-makers at global organizations said they believe that a centralized LangOps platform could be a cost-effective solution to do more with less. “What is LangOps technology and what does it take to get up and running with these solutions?” you may be thinking. Wonder no more: After joining the session Exploring the Must-Have MT and NLP Technologies that Enable Your LangOps Strategy featuring Alon Lavie (VP of Language Technologies, Unbabel) you will have a rock-solid understanding of how to identify and implement language translation technology that can supercharge your teams. 

Guidance for transitioning from localization to LangOps 

Although localization has become the default option for organizations trying to expand their global reach, this method of regional translation can be costly and difficult to scale. In fact, more than one-third of respondents to the 2021 Unbabel LangOps Survey said their organization’s current localization function falls short in quality, speed, and/or consistency. In What Is LangOps?, ‪João Graça‬ (CTO & Co-Founder, Unbabel) plans to explore our company’s vision for a world connected by language, plus tips for making the switch from localization to LangOps. 

If you’re a customer service or localization professional who is considering how the rise of LangOps will affect your craft, don’t miss Transitioning Your Career: How to Prepare for the Future of Localization featuring Paulo Dimas (VP of Product Innovation, Unbabel), Sophia Malina (Head of Customer Success, Unbabel), Vera Almeida (Head of LangOps, Unbabel), and Edmund Ovington (VP of Global Partnerships, Unbabel). Our panelists will have answers to all of your questions about the skills, qualifications, and knowledge required to thrive in a LangOps-related role. 

By democratizing language, an AI-powered language strategy can lead to happier customers, more satisfied workers, and increased collaboration across businesses and industries. In Globalizing Translations Fearlessly: The Journey from Localization to LangOps, Adam Wooten (Associate Professor of Translation & Localization Management, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey) will outline the steps your organization must take to transition from localization to LangOps, as well as the defining features of a successful LangOps Implementation. 

Ready for liftoff? 

The current landscape of language translation solutions is fragmented, and relying on inefficient processes and technologies can ultimately harm your organization’s global expansion efforts. That’s why we’re calling upon you to #TranslateFearlessly by joining us at LangOps Universe 2021 and becoming a founding member of the LangOps community. 

Click here to register for LangOps Universe 2021 (October 27–28) and spread the word to your customer experience and localization colleagues who are looking to level up their careers. Bonus: When you reserve your seat for this virtual event, you will also be entered for a chance to win a pair of tickets to LangOps Universe 2022 — complete with airfare and lodging!

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