What’s New at Unbabel: Portal Glow-Up, New API, and More Language Pairs for Chat

May 4, 2021

Here’s a quick roundup of all the latest updates to the Unbabel product! 

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Our customer relationships are our top priority. And great professional relationships are built on complete understanding. We aim to build commitment, trust, and transparency into our product — as you’ll see in our latest product updates.

Here’s what we’re doing at Unbabel to earn your trust and give you exactly what you need to go truly global with your business. 

The Unbabel Portal 

Donuts with sprinkles, anyone?

We’ve added three new features to the Portal to give you 

  • visibility into translation quality

  • more control over who uses Unbabel

  • secure file uploads

​If you don’t have access to the Portal or need more information, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Translation Quality Reporting

How effective are your translations? There’s one (more) way to find out. 

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This brand new section in your Portal called “Quality Reporting” gives you a quick overview of all your translations across the channels you use, as well as deeper insights for individual language pairs. Plus, you get quick status updates on what Unbabel’s Language Operations (LangOps) team’s up to to improve your translation quality.

Some examples of what you can expect:

  • Visualization of all translations across all channels and languages

  • Total translations made for specific content types

  • Identification of problematic and effective language pairs

  • Visibility into the LangOps team’s actions

  • Information on when each analysis was last updated

We’re still rolling this feature out in phases, so you’ll have it soon! If you have any questions, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Read about it here.

User Management in the Portal

Who uses the Portal? You decide.

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The new user management settings give you more control over who’s using the Unbabel Portal and in what capacity, all in one view. 

Here are the two user roles:


Owners get full permissions to add, delete, and edit owners and admin accounts, as well as get access to billing and invoices.


Users with admin powers get full permissions and can also add, edit, and delete other admins. However, they won’t be able to manage owners or have access to the billing and invoices section.

Start managing your users here. 

File Upload

Speed and security, guaranteed. 

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This new feature allows you to securely upload your content directly to your Portal and share it with the Unbabel LangOps team. We typically use this content for machine learning and retraining purposes to ensure higher-quality translations.

With this feature, you can now

  • keep track of your uploaded content in its original format. 

  • download or delete files according to your needs.

  • save time by avoiding third-party apps like DropBox, Google Drive, and email.

Start uploading here.

Salesforce Emails API migration 

Your customers’ emails are safe with us.

Until now, we’ve supported Salesforce Service Cloud with one API for all the channels: email tickets, chat, and FAQ. But to keep up with our growing customer base and constantly improving technology, we’re building dedicated APIs for each customer support channel. Earlier this year, we released the Unbabel Emails API for Salesforce Service Cloud.

This shiny new API ensures

  • quick and secure transmission and translation of customer support emails

  • greater stability in translations

  • deeper insights around your language operations

  • flexibility with integrations

New language pairs for chat

Say what you mean — in five more ways!

We now have more languages you can use to communicate with your customers through chat! These include Danish, Greek, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Korean. These language pairs are currently only available for full annual subscriptions.

For existing customers — we have some exciting news! We have two new languages in beta: Hungarian and Finnish. If you would like to test these, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Read more about supported languages here.

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