Transcription and translation have all traditionally felt like getting buckets of water from the well, when you should just be able to open the taps. That’s the reason why we created a simple service to help transcribe and translate videos called Unbabel for Video. Not only is it one of our latest developments, we’re also proud to announce that it’s now one of our award-winning services.

Unbabel’s Head of Research, André Martins has been awarded a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant for his proposed 5-year research project DeepSPIN — Deep Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing.

With a multitude of new language interfaces like digital assistants, messenger apps, and customer service bots on the rise, André has rightly stated that these emerging technologies still have a long way to go:

Julia was born in a middle-sized city in Bavaria, Germany, called Fürth. Although she spent half her childhood in San Diego, California, it didn’t take her long to come back to Germany with her parents and siblings, and to later on set up her life in the heart of Bavaria, where she now lives with her husband, their two young boys, and her seven loving snakes.

More than 60.000 people are coming to Lisbon this week for Web Summit.I’m not going to lie to you, last year was a bit overwhelming. It looked like the world was about to end and Lisbon was the safest place on earth.However, what I soon realised, was that there was this huge misconception that everything happens at Web Summit itself. Nothing could be further from the truth.There is just so much going on outside of the actual event that it would be insane to go home once the lights are out at the big Altice Arena. So, for all those who are interested in what’s happening besides Web Summit next week, we have made you a list of our favourite side events at Web Summit.From funky parties to virtual reality meetups, from cocktails on a yacht to startup city tours, it’s all here. Lisbon Startup TourWhen:...

This year, as we were organising the Machine Learning School in Lisbon, I kept on wondering why the whole world was merely looking at Silicon Valley for the AI revolution and turning a blind eye to what was going on everywhere else.The truth is, Silicon Valley is not the Artificial Intelligence capital of the world. There is just too much going outside of it and that’s exactly what we need to talk about.Lisbon, for example, has seen the rise of many intriguing and promising Artificial Intelligence startups and research projects, over the past few years, and it has naturally become a hub for AI specialists. We have some of the leading tech universities in Europe, we run a top machine learning school, we have the largest tech conference in the world, and we are bringing top-notch tech talent to our shores.So, how come very few...

I know what you’re thinking. Portuguese startup talks about what to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit and they get a foreigner to do it?

Hi, I’m Ed and I moved to Lisbon a year ago to join Unbabel as the VP of Partnerships. After spending 5 arduous years in rainy London, I had my heart set on getting to know Lisbon like the back of my hand, with a little help from my friends here at Unbabel.

I’ve been to all kinds of different places, restaurants, bars, and cafes. From the best seafood I’ve ever had in my life to my favourite Mexican restaurant in town, from the greatest Portuguese tapas, or petiscos, to the very best pastel de nata in Lisbon (and no, it’s not the one in Belém).

So, if you’re coming to Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon make some time to escape the big tech frenzy and take a look at these recommendations.

Exactly how do companies like Skyscanner, Daniel Wellington, Pinterest and Under Armour scale their customer service operations across multiple languages?

Do they hire hundreds of native agents? Use Google Translate?

The answer is no, they don’t. However, these high-growth companies have some other tricks up their sleeves that have enabled them to handle multilingual customer support with small teams, while also increasing the level of customer satisfaction across different languages.

But how?

New people come in through our office every day, we’ve kind of gotten used to it. But, when one of the fathers of machine translation walks in through the door, it’s reason enough to jump out of one’s skin.

That’s what happened when Professor Andy Way of the ADAPT Center at Dublin City University joined us in Lisbon for the first episode of Understand with Unbabel.

Customer Support often has a bad name. And that’s strange. Because everyone who works in customer service also knows exactly what it’s like to be a customer. They also know what it’s like to experience both excellent and lousy customer service. So how come so many CS operations have traditionally been closer to lousy than excellent?

Well, management teams have in the past done an almost perfect job of creating an environment in which customer support fails to deliver: