The other day my 11 year old Portuguese niece begged me to help her out with her English homework. She had written a short essay and she asked if I could go over it. I couldn’t help but notice her very first sentence: “I waked up at 7am to go to school.”

When I asked her what was wrong with it she immediately replied: “waking up at 7am, that’s way too early for me.”

Close enough, I thought, but not exactly.

“It’s always a new challenge”

Born in Strasbourg, Andrea spent much of her childhood between two ways of life: “I grew up between two cultures, French and Italian, as my dad was Italian.” Her family connections to Italy, and a desire to know more about her Italian roots, prompted her decision to attend university in Italy: “I decided to do my university studies in Perugia, close to my father’s family town. I stayed there for about four years, and after graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Linguistic Mediation I wanted to travel a bit further afield and discover new cultures and lifestyles.”

Transcription and translation have all traditionally felt like getting buckets of water from the well, when you should just be able to open the taps. That’s the reason why we created a simple service to help transcribe and translate videos called Unbabel for Video. Not only is it one of our latest developments, we’re also proud to announce that it’s now one of our award-winning services.

Unbabel’s Head of Research, André Martins has been awarded a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant for his proposed 5-year research project DeepSPIN — Deep Structured Prediction in Natural Language Processing.

With a multitude of new language interfaces like digital assistants, messenger apps, and customer service bots on the rise, André has rightly stated that these emerging technologies still have a long way to go:

Julia was born in a middle-sized city in Bavaria, Germany, called Fürth. Although she spent half her childhood in San Diego, California, it didn’t take her long to come back to Germany with her parents and siblings, and to later on set up her life in the heart of Bavaria, where she now lives with her husband, their two young boys, and her seven loving snakes.

More than 60.000 people are coming to Lisbon this week for Web Summit.I’m not going to lie to you, last year was a bit overwhelming. It looked like the world was about to end and Lisbon was the safest place on earth.However, what I soon realised, was that there was this huge misconception that everything happens at Web Summit itself. Nothing could be further from the truth.There is just so much going on outside of the actual event that it would be insane to go home once the lights are out at the big Altice Arena. So, for all those who are interested in what’s happening besides Web Summit next week, we have made you a list of our favourite side events at Web Summit.From funky parties to virtual reality meetups, from cocktails on a yacht to startup city tours, it’s all here. Lisbon Startup TourWhen:...

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