Harnessing the Power of High Quality Translations

October 31, 2023

Translations are more than just words on a page – they serve as the bridge that connects businesses with their global audience, enabling meaningful communication, fostering trust, and enhancing the user experience.  When potential customers encounter high-quality translations, they can understand and engage with the content in a way that resonates with them. In fact, 71% of consumers consider it crucial for a brand to promote and endorse their products and services in the language they’re most comfortable with.  

By providing clear and engaging translations from English to the customer’s local language, businesses can effectively guide potential customers through their journey. Moreover, high-quality translations have a direct influence on customer retention. When customers receive content in their native language, it shows a commitment to their needs and enhances their overall experience.

Boosting Conversion Rates with Translation

Harnessing the power of high quality translation is the key to unlocking higher conversion rates. Imagine a global brand expanding into new markets. By delivering accurate translations to their target audience in their target language, they forge genuine connections with potential customers.

The result? Conversion rates soar to new heights, and sales skyrocket.

A real-world example of this impact can be seen with Wargaming, a leading game developer and publisher. By implementing an accurate translation service, they were able to provide multilingual support to their global user base. As a result, they experienced an impressive increase in conversion rates from free to paid tiers, with a 14% boost in conversions.

Accurate translation helps forge genuine connections with potential customers. When language barriers are eliminated and customers receive information in their native language, trust is built, leading to higher conversion rates. Investing in quality translation services enables brands to tap into new markets, enhance the customer experience, and achieve growth through increased conversions and sales.

How Accuracy Impacts Customer Retention

Building customer loyalty starts with translations as well. When customers receive content in their native language, it shows that their needs and preferences matter. This personalized touch enhances their overall experience and strengthens their bond with the brand. On the flip side, inaccurate translations create language barriers and frustrate customers.

Providing relevant, accurate content in customers’ native languages shows that their needs matter.

For instance, True Classic ensures its support teams have access to customers’ journey history, improving the accuracy of their responses. Leveraging advanced tracking and analytics, the company tailors its support and marketing materials to meet individual needs.

Monitoring metrics like repeat purchase rates and top-ticket trends allows the company to gauge the impact of support on customer retention and improve its marketing strategy. Through accurate translations and personalized experiences, True Classic strengthens its bond with customers.

In today’s globalized world, speaking to customers in their native languages is crucial for businesses. The Global Multilingual CX 2021 Report reveals that 68% of customers would switch to a brand that offers support in their native languages, and 64% are even willing to pay more for such support. However, accurate translations are key, and you need translation services to translate accurately at scale.

Machine translations have improved with advancements in AI and machine learning functionality but human translations still offer greater accuracy. Professional translators understand nuances, context, and intricate cultural differences, delivering natural and precise translations. Machines are growing in intelligence and can process more data than a team of humans. Hybrid approaches, combining machine translations with human review, strike a balance between speed and accuracy.

Translation service providers are necessary for companies expanding beyond their native environment –  Even businesses in their home environments benefit from translation, as many internet users won’t make purchases from websites not offered in their native language. In fact, according to CSA Research, 40% will never buy from a brand that doesn’t speak their language.

The goal is to effortlessly connect customers with your brand and provide the most engaging experience possible. Localization services that adapt to local dialects enhance customer connections, regardless of their location.

The Unbabel Solution

High-quality translations hold the key to customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and customer loyalty in global markets. When businesses prioritize accuracy, they establish a competitive advantage in international markets. Through bridging language barriers and localized content optimization, brands can capture the hearts and minds of potential customers worldwide.

Our innovative approach combines the efficiency of machine translation with the finesse of human review, ensuring accurate translations at scale. A key aspect of Unbabel’s solution is its ability to preserve a brand’s unique voice and style. Unbabel works closely with brands to understand their communication nuances, allowing them to accurately translate the brand’s tone into different languages.

Unbabel also provides helpful features like Quality Estimation Reports that enhance language translation accuracy. By leveraging Unbabel’s solution, you can trust that your translations will reflect your unique identity and effectively communicate with your global audience.

It’s time to boost conversion rates and cultivate customer loyalty like never before.

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