Microsoft reveals how Unbabel enables them to revolutionize their global support

October 25, 2019

LISBON, PORTUGAL, SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Unbabel has partnered with Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) to build an innovative customer service model that brings huge flexibility to Microsoft and delivers amazing experiences to their customers.

Following an introduction by M12, Microsoft began a pilot for Microsoft’s English-speaking agents to deliver email and chat support for Office 365 in Chinese. After the success of the pilot, Microsoft now uses Unbabel to support global customers across multiple product lines in eight languages, including five key European languages, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

There has also been a huge impact on Microsoft’s CSAT results, repeatedly finding that experienced agents using Unbabel outperformed agents working in their native languages. Edmund Ovington, Unbabel’s VP, Global Alliances, said: “We’ve seen CSAT scores jump as much as 10 points, and in one instance, we increased issue resolution by 20 percent.”

James Cross, Digital and Service Senior Strategy Lead at Microsoft, said: “We have successfully served customers in more than 25 varying product/language/scenario type combinations, and we’re yet to see one we haven’t passed.

“A spike in demand, until recently, would have meant trying to recruit and train in a native language,” says Cross. “With Unbabel, we’re able to use resources from the spare capacity in the English queue, which means we can mobilize in hours, rather than weeks or months, to meet the demand.”


Edmund Ovington highlights the impact that language support can have on a customer’s experience with a brand: “We got feedback from a Russian customer about how amazing it was that someone was using their ‘mother tongue.’ It makes a difference.”

For the future, both Unbabel and Microsoft are committed to building great customer experiences without the barrier of language. This includes exploring new support channels, such as chatbots.

You can read the full Unbabel and Microsoft case study on Microsoft’s website.

If you’d like to learn more about Unbabel’s customer service solution, you can request a demo from one of our specialists.

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