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Beyond the corporate blog — introducing The Understanding

We’ve spent the past few months quietly working on a new project here at Unbabel, and today I’m excited to tell you all about it.

But first, some background.

The themes that drive us

Our mission at Unbabel is to enable everyone to understand and be understood, in any language.

That’s a tall order — to be successful in it, we need to have an in-depth knowledge of (at least) three big themes:

  • The structure, usage and shifting ambiguity of human language
  • The exponential, self-learning technologies augmenting human intelligence 
  • The challenges of going global in the shift to customer-centric business 

Now, if you work in marketing, you’ll know right away that there’s a line between the more aspirational, thought-leading, awareness-driving content (usually the stuff of PR placements, guest-posts and sponsorships), and the more functional, consideration-stage content (the kind of material you’ll find on most blogs, including our own).

But finding the right partners and publications for the former is not only difficult, it’s expensive, mostly beyond our control, and never quite the right fit. 

And as we ramped up production on the latter, we really began to feel the tension between the incredible content we consume elsewhere on a daily basis (long reads, videos, podcasts, etc) and the limitations of running a corporate blog (how to guides, case studies, etc). 

Sure, we do that as best we can, but hang on a second.

Taking a step back

So we thought to ourselves, well, while we’re already made up of scientists, engineers and business professionals, we’re also rebellious academics, failed philosophers, restless souls, frustrated artists and all-round geeks. Surely we can figure something else out?”

So we did.

Rather than just producing well-written, well-produced, functional content for those already sniffing around Unbabel as a solution, we wanted to create something entirely new. Something that would boldly take on the themes we think about every day, and reach anyone and everyone who is as interested in them as we are.

Welcome to The Understanding

Today we are proud to launch The Understanding, a new publication dedicated to exploring the topics that drive us at Unbabel, with restless curiosity, genuine wonder and the odd dash of whimsy.

We’re going live with a mix of pieces by our own writers (check out these incredible pieces from Rafaela —  Life imitating art: the quest for a universal translator and Maria — Should language be more gender neutral?), leading technology journalists (say hello to Rhodri Marsden’s piece on why computers aren’t funny), this in-depth video chat with Azeem Azhar of Exponential View fame, and a quick-fire interview series called Going Global where we talk to leaders at incredible companies about the challenges of scaling a business around the world.

What’s next? 

We’ve got a decent pipeline coming up (including a damn-good podcast) but if you’re as moved by the topics we cover as we are, then let us know.

What should we look into?

Who should we interview?

Do you want to write for us?

Let me know:

Matthew Carrozo

Director of Brand and Communication @ Unbabel
Editor in Chief, The Understanding