“Not just another freakin’ conference” — why we’re going to Zendesk Relate

October 25, 2018

There’s something almost magical about the world of partnerships.

Rather than considering everyone around you a threat, you change your perspective entirely, forget the days you’ve spent studying Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and look for opportunities to collaborate successfully instead.

Partnerships, however, can often be difficult to navigate. It seems to be a trend these days for companies that are craving short term wins to expand their partner network as widely as possible.

I, for one, believe that you hit the jackpot when each party brings something entirely different to the table — something unique, which, when combined, can have a transformative effect.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

We started our journey with Zendesk three years ago now, in what I consider to be the most no-nonsense way: our customers asked us to. We both believe in delivering a unified customer experience, no matter the language enterprises or their customers speak, and that’s what our partnership is all about.

Our translation solution seamlessly integrates into Zendesk, enabling you to talk to your customers in their own native languages, and delivering both the best agent and customer experiences. It works like a charm, too.

The team at Zendesk understood how important this is to their customers, since it addresses their key challenges when it comes to customer service — consistent coverage throughout the day, seasonal spikes, holidays and sick leaves, along with hiring agents for their skills, not the languages they speak.

Better yet, together we unlocked new operational opportunities for our joint customers and our partnership has skyrocketed ever since — we even made it official and were named Zendesk’s premier translation partner earlier this year.

You might think I’m biased. After all, I am the lucky one managing this partnership. But it’s not just me — more than half of our customers are happy Zendesk customers. This number keeps growing: Logitech, Headspace, Udemy and Expedia are just a few examples of customers joining us since this summer.

Our Zendesk Integrations

Unbabel is committed to helping our enterprise customers deliver the best possible experience to their customers through a personalised, language-agnostic service. We’re hugely impressed by the incredible ecosystem that Zendesk has built over the past decade-plus and we are incredibly excited to partner with them to provide even more value to our joint customers.

Vasco Pedro, co-founding CEO of Unbabel

It’s no secret that Zendesk’s expertise in Customer Service has shaped Unbabel’s product development in many ways over the years. First came Zendesk Support, our classic ticketing solution, which allows you to automatically translate your customers’ tickets into an agent’s native language and reply in your customer’s language in near real-time.

Then we launched the Zendesk Guide Enterprise integration, a multilingual self-service solution tailored to big organizations that makes it easy for large teams to translate their knowledge base content into 28 languages.

And now we’re adding yet another integration with our Zendesk Suite. It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to — drum roll, please — Unbabel for Zendesk Chat.


There’s a chat for that

While phone is still the most popular option for customer support, live chat is quickly catching up. The eMarketer Ecommerce Insights Report released this year found that more than three in 10 respondents use live chat, and it’s specially popular amongst 18–39 year olds.

But there’s an even bigger reason to give chat a go. According to a 2014 eDigital Customer Service Benchmark survey, live chat is the channel with the highest customer satisfaction levels, with an impressive 73%, compared to 61% for email support and 44% for traditional phone support.

It’s simple, fast, and most important of all, our customers asked for it.

And now it’s finally here. We’re launching our integration with Zendesk Chat in line with Zendesk’s key focus to deliver best-in-class customer support via chat, at a quality, speed, and price no one else can match.

While any product launch is exciting, this is even more so. By delivering AI-powered, human-quality translations for help center articles, customer emails and chat conversations, Unbabel now covers the full trilogy of non-voice channels, for all Zendesk customers.

Come meet us at Relate 2018!

Now you can understand why we couldn’t possibly miss this year’s Zendesk Relate in San Francisco. It’s not just another freakin’ conference.

Once more, we’re assembling our team of superheroes. While I can’t say I have any powers myself (sigh), I can certainly help you and your team be the heroes Customer Service deserves, removing the language barrier from your customer experience.

We’ll be at booth G2, ready to show you exactly how we make that happen. You’ll have a chance to speak with our co-founding CEO, Vasco Pedro, and CCO, Wolfgang Allisat.

You’re also in for a special demo session on November 14, at 11:05 a.m. We’re calling it “Stop copy-pasting. Unleash your multilingual superpowers” and Rich, our VP of Strategic Accounts, will show you how you can increase customer satisfaction, cut down response times, and increase operational efficiency, as well as introduce you to the wonders of Multilingual Customer Service Chat.

Brief aside: Rich has the most wonderfully husky voice — it’s been my mission for months to convince him to start a podcast — and that alone is a reason enough to drop by.

But if you’re still not convinced, that’s okay. We’ve got something else entirely, brewing in the fires of our Lisbon offices as we speak.


A secret weapon

For the last few months, we’ve been secretly working on something very special: a new analytics tool for all our Zendesk Support customers. I’m afraid I can’t say anything else at the moment, but we’ll be giving exclusive beta invites to the attendees at our booth, and all will be revealed soon. Very soon.

Hey, we’re pulling out all the stops. If you’re interested in meeting us, or just dropping by for a quick hello, make sure you ping me on LinkedIn. It’s going to be fun.

See you there!

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